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New partnership with BUG, the largest computer and IT product retail store in Israel

June 2, 2010

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with BUG, the largest computer and IT product retail store in Israel. That’s right – from now on the modu 1 will be on the shelf, permanently available for all IT lovers! More information is available at: www.bug.co.il\modu


We’re happy to announce modu’s arrival in Nigeria!

March 25, 2010

We’re happy to announce modu’s arrival in Nigeria! Following our new partnership with Conexel, the country’s major telecommunication infrastructure provider, you too can purchase the modu phone, along with two complementary jackets in select stores throughout the state for NGN 50,000. Remi Jibowu, CEO of Conexel said: “We are excited to be working with modu. Their innovation and vision are remarkable. We look forward to a dynamic partnership as we grow and introduce modu’s presence in the Nigerian market.”

Barcelona played host to the GSMA’s industry-leading event, Mobile World Congress.

February 15, 2010

Once again, Barcelona played host to the GSMA’s industry-leading event, Mobile World Congress. This year, attendees were treated to a wealth of learning and networking opportunities; product offerings and announcements; inspiration and innovation. Approximately 1,300 companies showcased their organizations through exhibition and hospitality space across eight halls at Fira Barcelona. modu, for the 3rd year, attended the event with presence at the Main Avenue. The Hospitality Suite was busy with many visitors who were excited to hear and see for the first time the company’s next generation device.

Straight from the Guinness World Records™ is the modu T phone

February 4, 2010

Straight from the Guinness World Records™ is the modu T phone, taking the title for the “lightest touch screen mobile phone!” The modu T phone, which weighs in at a mere 55grams, is also extremely slim – only 7.8 millimeters deep. The how of its petite dimensions lies in the breakthrough technology incorporated into the phone. But even more interesting is the why, the concept behind the product: each customer, which his own distinct style, can personally customize his modu by inserting it into one of the various, stylish jackets available. Stay tuned with us for this year’s 2010 Guinness World Book of Records™!

modu has reached Romania, and this is only the beginning!

January 26, 2010

modu has reached Romania, and this is only the beginning! Launching with TDT Distribution, modu will soon hit Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, and Croatia as well. The seven countries, which make up a community of more than 100 million citizens, represent modu’s ever-growing market. With this vast potential in sight, TDT Distribution has decided to open a central headquarter in Romania for the management of modu. Says Alin Cirstea, CEO of TDT Distribution, “We are excited to be working with modu as this is the first brand that gives consumer this modular mobile experience.”
modu will be distributed to the Romania market in partnership with Vodafone Romania, a company committed to innovating the telecom market.

modu Moving Forward

Following the finalization of the development of modu 2.5G, the company is now focusing its efforts on the development of the 3.5G modu phone.

This development is performed using sub-contractors with vast experience in developing mobile phones. Despite the tiny size, the 3.5G modu phone will include a touch screen with a unique user interface, advanced features like GPS, FM radio, fast browsing and support for multimedia applications and e-mails. modu is currently in advanced discussions about the 3.5G modu phone with different leading operators worldwide.

modu Fans, Don’t Miss Out!

modu has been steadily building up steam through Manila, Philippines. Available only from Globe through its exclusive distributor Lynk Communications, modu is now available for purchase straight from Globe’s website.

Some say that there wasn’t enough buzz during its launch in the Philippines last month so we’re here to make sure you don’t miss out!

If you’re in the Philippines, you can now purchase your modu phone with a Globe Tattoo Prepaid Kit. Plus, get freebies all around because it comes with one (1) free modu express jacket and a one-year supply of ImmortalTxt, a new offer from Globe Tattoo.

For one whole year, twice a week you will be given free text allocations from Globe Tattoo: 50 free texts to other Globe or TM users, and 10 texts to other networks.