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India welcomes the modu T

Hello India. Meet modu T, a 3.5G touch phone awarded a Guinness World Records™ for being the lightest touch phone in the world. Micromax has partnered with modu to launch the modu T model in India. The phone will be co-branded and customized with Micromax, the first service provider in the world to offer the record holder.

Yesterday, modu and Micromax announced an exclusive partnership to launch the modu T in India. According to the quarter ending March 31, 2010, Micromax is the largest Indian mobile handset company in terms of shipped units. The service provider also sold the third most handsets in India during that quarter.

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Vikas Jain, the Business Director at Micromax is very excited about being able to offer the unique modu T: "Innovation has been a driver for Micromax success in India and we believe that by bringing the modu T phone to India, we are targeting ‘the aspirational’ segment of Indian consumers, which are the early adopters of technology and also the gadget passionate community."

In addition to the Indian consumers’ appreciation of innovation, the versatility of the modu T is expected to bring about success for the phone. Jain comments: “The fy devices provide an enhanced ecosystem, with multiple new functions added to the phone to enable users the freedom to choose, to change and to express themselves."

The modu T phone will be available in India tomorrow under a special promotional offer for the auspicious Indian festival of Diwali.  Stay tuned to modu to hear more about our future launches.

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modu has reached Romania, and this is only the beginning!

January 26, 2010

modu has reached Romania, and this is only the beginning! Launching with TDT Distribution, modu will soon hit Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, and Croatia as well. The seven countries, which make up a community of more than 100 million citizens, represent modu’s ever-growing market. With this vast potential in sight, TDT Distribution has decided to open a central headquarter in Romania for the management of modu. Says Alin Cirstea, CEO of TDT Distribution, “We are excited to be working with modu as this is the first brand that gives consumer this modular mobile experience.”
modu will be distributed to the Romania market in partnership with Vodafone Romania, a company committed to innovating the telecom market.

modu Featured on TheMediaLine.org

Back in Mid-May, I wrote about my attendance at the Presidents Conference that took place in Jerusalem – modu at the Presidential Conference. While at the event, I was interviewed by www.themedialine.org demoing modu. Here’s the final version of the edited video. I may have a career ahead of me as a hand model J

Volume Kinneret, Cellcom’s Hottest Summer Tour!

If you’re in Isreal this summer and you happen to see 4 decorated semi trailer trucks pumping massive music, what you’ll be experiencing is Cellcom’s Volume 2008 Tour!

As of July 14th and for the following 6 weeks 4 semi trailer trucks will be travelling around major cities in Israel, including Ashdod, Tel-Aviv, Beer Sheva, Rishon Lezion, Eilat, Haifa and the Kinneret, with the 1 common theme, MUSIC! The main event will take place at Volume Kinneret where the biggest acts such as Aviv Gefen and Mosh Ben Ari will perform for thousands of Israeli teens, definitely not to be missed!

modu is Proud to announce that we will be participating at the event. Here’s your chance to visit the modu wall where you can interact with modu and modu jackets over a touch screen. Explore and learn more about modu while enjoying the hottest music event of the summer, what more could you ask for?! 

Follow the URL and get a feel of what to look forward to. See if you can spot modu ! http://www.volume08.co.il/