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The UK has embraced the modu 1 phone!

London, England-July 8, 2010

The UK has embraced the modu 1 phone! All British fans can now purchase the modu 1 SIM-free exclusively at the retail site purelygadgets.com.

At £129.99 you will get the modu 1 phone + a modu jacket and a onetime promotional offer of £30 off a modu jacket when bought with the phone. The phone packs in a 3.3 centimeter OLED screen and 2GB of memory, and, at its core, operates as a calling, texting, and MP3 device.

You can “dress up” your modu 1 phone with the many modu jackets that are now available. From the vibrant and patterned “express jacket”, to the more refined “shiny jacket”, and the “sport jacket”, which comes equipped with a pedometer and timer via an armband, your modu is defined by you – your tastes, your preferences.

Also available exclusively at Purelygadgets is a digital picture frame that docks and charges your modu, and an awesome “night jacket”, a sleek device that provides a 3-megapixel camera, with flash. Check it out!


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