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modu Moving Forward

Following the finalization of the development of modu 2.5G, the company is now focusing its efforts on the development of the 3.5G modu phone.

This development is performed using sub-contractors with vast experience in developing mobile phones. Despite the tiny size, the 3.5G modu phone will include a touch screen with a unique user interface, advanced features like GPS, FM radio, fast browsing and support for multimedia applications and e-mails. modu is currently in advanced discussions about the 3.5G modu phone with different leading operators worldwide.


4 Responses

  1. I am really looking forward for 3.5G modu phone. Because it contains a lot of good features.

  2. Great news, I am really looking forward to the second generation of Modu.

    I find its tiny size and sleek appearance very convenient and modern.

    The new Modu should be equiped with more features, without making compromises about the size.

  3. So when is this due, I got my modu 1 but am desperate for modu 2!!!
    Please say it will be released in Australia!! If not i’ll do my best to import it from America

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