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If You’re In Israel, Now’s Your Chance to Buy a modu

Family 4 Low ResAs of Today, modu is Available for Purchase.

modu will be available for purchase as of today to select Cellcom subscribers.
Pricing will be positioned at the 500 NIS price point and customers will be asked to participate in supplying feedback in exchange for free air time.

A stand alone modu will be available for purchase along with your choice of modu express jacket. Purchasing a modu is done by contacting Cellcom directly or by visiting the cellcom mini site NOW.

 As always, post your comments and questions bellow or reach out to us through our many homes online.


5 Responses

  1. Already out of stock? what the point of giving info on the site and wait for them to call me if all the stock is gone by few hours? 😦

  2. Hi
    I’ve left my reservation on the cellcom site,hope they’ll talk to me soon.As soon as i get the pho…Modu,i’ll start writing about it in my blog in lj.com.
    Hope to see it soon !

    P.S> I’m glad its 2,5G.
    God bless you,halleluya !:)

  3. Ahh, seems like a I missed the sale. Any chance to get it still? 🙂

  4. Hi! I’m going to Izrael next week. Where I can see Modu phone and how can I buy him?

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