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It’s launch day

We know, we know, the modu blog has been a little quiet. Ok, even too quiet over the last few months, our apologies. But that’s all about to change over the next few days!

We’ve been quietly hard at work, finalizing modu towards production and gearing up towards our soft launch. This Wednesday July 22nd you will finally have the possibility of being one of the 1st people to get their hands on modu!

What’s modu?

If you’re new to the modu concept, here’s a quick recap. modu is the world’s 1st and lightest modular mobile phone. Allowing you to swap between various mobile devices known as “modu Jackets” with various styles, features and functionality. Still want to see what we mean? Take a look at our intro on modumobile.com and get a real feel for what modu can do.

So where are we now?

Our soft launch is officially starting today within Israel to limited Cellcom customers. A wide release is scheduled for the end of the year across Southeast Asia, South America and Europe.

Starting this Wednesday July the 22nd, Cellcom customers will have the possibility to purchase a standalone modu along with several modu express jackets. Contact Cellcom to get on the invitation list. We’ll also be releasing the URL for a special mini-site very soon that will give you more info on how and where you can purchase modu.

To make sure you stay updated we recommend you follow us through our many social presences. We’ll be keeping you updated as we move closer towards soft launch day! Follow us here, our Facebook Profile, Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter.


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  1. Waiting for release in India!!

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