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Quality Rocks

One thing that never ceases to interest me is people. You can almost never have enough of watching people, and you literally spend a lifetime understanding them. People are the main asset of every organization (commercial or not), and not in vain modu had made it to be its top value: “People first”. In my essays I will try to give you a glimpse into the everyday life within our corridors; to share with you my point of view in the experience of being part of the group that forms modu.

Being a part of the hi-tech industry can be quite demanding and time consuming, especially in case of a start-up. Nonetheless, every now and then you may encounter someone who nurtures an alter ego: a side vocation that helps one keep his soul vivid. Sometimes I can’t help wondering which ego is alternative, and which is really the primal one. Let me get you acquainted with such a person: a QA group manager who’s also the leader of a rock band.

195dB is the name, and good hard rock music in Hebrew is its game (in case you wonder about the nature of this name, try to find out how to measure such a valueJ). Along with their hopefully soon to publish debut album, the band’s two guitarists, bass player and drummer, would soon celebrate their fifth year of playing together. Two weeks ago, on the second evening of Hanukah, was a night of a very special show. This was the band’s first concert to be played in the format of the upcoming album. Many friends have gathered in Tmoona Theater in Tel Aviv, to show support and to experience a less familiar side of someone they know daily, as a colleague.

As the lights went off, the guys took their places on the stage, and the fun began. The show went very good, and great music sprung out of the amplifiers, enthusing the audience. The dim space became full with flickering lights and colorful sounds. I can’t write so you’d feel as if you were there, but the photos attached (taken by yours truly) are sure to give you a taste of that night’s excitement. The next day, our rock star came back to be the same ol’ Tal, the guy from the QA, who keeps a Gibson in the closet. Take a look around. It might be fun to meet the alter ego of someone you know for ages, from across the hall.

One last thing: as a people, we’re going through rough times, these days, and I wish us all to come through them, to live a saner future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what I had to tell you.

See you all next time,


More information about 195dB and a clip from the show can be found in: http://www.myspace.com/195db.

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