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The art of building a modular phone

So we all know it. We all know that modu is an amazing concept. I am on a call, entering the phone to my PC and the call switches to the PC. I take the phone out and enter it to my jacket of choice. I get into the car and the modu which holds my contacts, songs and other data becomes my hands free phone and music player in the car while charging.
Again, great concept but technically, how do you build the lightest phone in the world (Checkout Guinness Record)? Why not everybody just build it? What do you have to do in-order to keep the call live while switch from my office jacket to my running jacket? How do you handle different screen sizes between the jackets? How does the software on the phone reflects different moods when I switch jackets? Where is the antenna? The battery(s)?  how do you dial with modu buttons, 12 keys and a QWERTY? How do you support different cameras? Where are the drivers for the cameras? How do you separate what stays on the small modu unit vs. the jacket’s brain?
So many questions with answers we all deal with daily, trying to build something different.


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