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Hi All.
I was just added to the list of contributors to the modu blog.
In the comings posts, I will try to add more visibility into the technical aspects of the modu echo system.
I will try to post as much information as I can in order to prepare you for the arrival of the modu phone.
I hope to keep the conversation open as much as I can but I do need to keep some cards close to my chest.

My title at modu is Software Expert at the CTO office. I am in-charge of identifying new technologies that would be great to have in the modu phone, jackets and mates.

I will not discuss business issues like dates of deployment, operators or markets but I will entertain you with some insights to the user interface, applications and features.

Feel free to comment or email me directly at ran.margalit@modumobile.com


2 Responses

  1. Welcome aboard, Ran – looking forward to hear more!

  2. Its great that more technical people will be involved in the modu blog thing. This blog could use some real substance – it would make a refreshing change.

    I do advise you to run your post through a proof reader, though.

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