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Cellcom’s media conference – an international gathering

Earlier this week, on the hills of Tel Aviv University campus, a distinguished group of international and local executives gathered to discuss current issues in the mobile media arena.

Cellcom_media_panelCellcom Media conference was organized and sponsored by Cellcom – Israel’s largest cellular operator and modu’s partner for the launch in Israel. Speakers from AT&T, MTV, FOX as well as leading CEOs of local companies were excited about the opportunities stemming from the mobile media revolution. Giora Offer, President of Israel Discount Bank – Israel’s third largest bank predicted that in less than five years, the mobile media will revolutionize the way people interact with and manage their financial accounts. Tal Raban, General manager of Coca-Cola Israel said that Coca-Cola’s mobile advertising campaigns achieved up to 50 times higher click rates than the Internet ones among the youth crowd.

Adi_Cohen_CellcomAdi Cohen, VP Marketing at Cellcom, presented results from a recent research conducted among teenagers in Israel showing that the youth lives in an “always connected” world, managing to do multitask communication. That will have to drive the way advertisers and consumer goods companies approach them. Adi also said that the mobile phone, being the main networking tool, is the right path to reach youngsters. The conference showed again the huge interest that exists in the “real” world to understand and exploit the cellular revolution.


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