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modu’s Many Homes Online

As you may have stumbled on by now, modu has many web presences online, including our Youtube page, Facebook Group and Fan Page, Flickr and Twitter profiles. These will also be expanding and evolving in the coming weeks.

I’m always curious to see how other companies are taking advantage of the blog / social – Sphere. Many of the examples I’ve been running into have offered an amazing source of inspiration for what we’ve got coming ahead.

One of the most complete lists comes from Peter Kim over at beingpeterkim.com (High 5 to you good sir) Note to Brands, consumers understand and want social media. To support this case, read a post written over at Phantom CTO.

How is your company utilizing social media? What’s been most effective for you? Let us know in the comments!


One Response

  1. The image doesn’t open larger so it is difficult to see the names of the social platforms.

    But anyway here is my list in order of impact:

    Twitter and Twitterfeed

    The important thing is to engage in the conversation and contribute asking people to follow you and to just be a link bot is not effective.


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