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The New Media Expo, Off to a Roaring Start!

The New Media Expo started yesterday morning with an opening keynote speech by wine enthusiast and CEO of Wine Library TV Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary has been featured by Conan O’brien, Ellen, Time Magazine and many others media outlets for his unique approach at marketing his brand and his business. The keynote was passionate and set the tone right for the 3 day expo.

As in all shows, it’s the hallway, unplanned, connections that really leave you with information to think about. The issue on everyone’s minds is the importance of utilizing social media marketing tactics to reach an untapped audience.

I ran into Justine of www.iJustine.com who got a chance to check out modu first hand. A few minutes later, Gary Vaynerchuck came around and wanted to see modu as well…

I’m loving the excitement happening here!

iJustine, Rockin’ the modu!

Gary Vaynerchuck, hands on with modu and giving very positive feedback!

If your at the show, Drop a link to your pics, or blog post!


One Response

  1. I was at the Expo too… here are my pics as requested!

    Leo Laporte (TWiT)

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