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Recent Article Featuring modu’s Director of Software

47 comments, that’s how many comments an article that recently featured Nataly Kremer, modu’s Director of Software generated on TheMarker’s website (a leading Israeli business newpaper with a strong online presence).

Below are some highlights of the article translated in English.

Nataly Kremer, Director of Software, marked as one of Israel’s greatest hopes of the Israeli High-Tech industry believes that Dov Moran’s(founder and CEO of M-Systems, inventor of the Disk on Key) vision of “modu” will revolutionize the mobile world. She also confesses that expectations for the device have caused her to lose a little sleep.

Back in 2005 Kramer was becoming one of Dov Moran’s Favorites. As a young software team manager Moran asked her professional opinion concerning a relevant matter and she answered with great confidence
That was the beginning of a great friendship.

After M-Systems was sold in 2006 to Sandisk, Moran was left to peruse his next project, needless to say that many of his ex-employees wanted to join him. His agreement allowed him to take 7 employees only. Nataly Kremer was eager to follow along.

Since February 2007 she has been working at modu and manages the heart of the activity that claims will change the face of the mobile industry. She admires Moran and believes his ideas are nothing less than genius. As for Moran, he believes that Kremer has the potential to reach very high business levels.

“We are making a real revolution,” she states without a hint of cynicism. The sales graph which will be published at the end of 2008 will prove if she’s correct, and if all the modu cynics will end up eating their words.

I work at modu because it’s Values

Kremer grew up in a home with 2 career oriented parents and learned early on that mom could do anything and everything. She never missed classes at school and always refused her parents offer to stay at home.

Wild nights out clubbing were never her thing, “I’m really not a wild person.” Her perfectionism and the need to excel were already evident as a toddler. “I was learning to write and had trouble with the letter D” she says, “It was as if my world was crashing in on me. My parents understood that they might have a problem.”

In High School she studied math and chemistry “I thought that computers were for geeks” she says. She was also a team leader in the marine scouts in Tel Aviv. “That’s where I learned values such as teamwork, cooperation and acceptance of others” she says. “That’s also why I am at modu, there are fantastic values here”

““Everyone wants to work here, which is what allows us to choose the absolute best” says Kremer, but despite the demand the search for the excelling employees is a complex task. Today she’s looking for 10-15 more employees for her team but refuses to loosen the rope.

Kremer was asked:

In job interviews, how do you know if the person is right for the job?

“I ask him what he disliked about his previous employment or what obstacles he was faced with. If they make a big story out of little things, they’re not the right person”

Have you ever fired someone for not being pleasant?

“I’ve fired someone due to lack of professionalism, it was difficult”

You also manage people older than you.

“Correct, I’ve never ran into a problem. As long as we’re all acting professional, there are no issues”

You’ve created high expectations in the mobile market for a product which you are responsible of the development. Is it stressful?

“I’m not the type of person that gets stressed easily, but I admit I’ve also experienced sleepless nights. People may say about me that I am very excited and give everything for my work but the less positive side is that I also take things very personally.

Original article posted here: http://themarkerit.com/tmit/article/4008


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