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Volume Kinneret, Cellcom’s Hottest Summer Tour!

If you’re in Isreal this summer and you happen to see 4 decorated semi trailer trucks pumping massive music, what you’ll be experiencing is Cellcom’s Volume 2008 Tour!

As of July 14th and for the following 6 weeks 4 semi trailer trucks will be travelling around major cities in Israel, including Ashdod, Tel-Aviv, Beer Sheva, Rishon Lezion, Eilat, Haifa and the Kinneret, with the 1 common theme, MUSIC! The main event will take place at Volume Kinneret where the biggest acts such as Aviv Gefen and Mosh Ben Ari will perform for thousands of Israeli teens, definitely not to be missed!

modu is Proud to announce that we will be participating at the event. Here’s your chance to visit the modu wall where you can interact with modu and modu jackets over a touch screen. Explore and learn more about modu while enjoying the hottest music event of the summer, what more could you ask for?! 

Follow the URL and get a feel of what to look forward to. See if you can spot modu ! http://www.volume08.co.il/


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