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Can your mobile phone keep up with you?

Your phone as an extension of your personality, your character, your lifestyle, is fairly new concept. The reality is, when searching for ” how to inject personality into an inanimate object” such as your mobile phone, the results may leave you with solutions that are far from extraordinary.

One could choose to add different wallpapers to their mobile phone, but that doesn’t really pop out as personality. You maybe even jump one step above the rest and add the hottest MP3 ringtone to your phone before anyone else even suspects it will be a hit. Does that mean your phone is now a reflection of your personality? Nope!

What if the shape was different? What if the color matched what you were wearing? What if you spend your days as a mile-mannered manager and your nights hitting the club scene? How can your phone reflect your constantly shifting lifestyle much your clothes do today? It’s clear that currently there just isn’t a single solution to match your persona, or dare I say, your mood. But it’s getting much, much closer.



4 Responses

  1. oren,
    this post really seems promotional.

    the questions here are good, they can even inspire, but when the answer to all the questions is “modu” even without saying it, it’s a disguised promo material.

    One thing is to make a product blog, another thing is to plant this material in it.

    I imagine a video being made from this post, the logo is the only thing missing.


  2. Hey Niv, Thanks for visiting and posting…

    Let me give you my point of view. Sure, the post may seem promotional on the surface, however as you mentioned the question posed can and should inspire.

    My view on the solutions available today is that they just don’t reflect the users changing needs, You’re absolutely free to post otherwise.

    By the way, I’ll be writing many more posts which will pose deeper questions about the mobile industry, will modu be the answer to all of them? We certainly hope so! 🙂

  3. something new about customization is the new Nokia E71.
    It has “Customizable home screen content in Business and Personal modes”

    Nice post.

  4. I actually know people who own 2-3 cell phones because theres never a single phone that will have all the features or design that will make you happy. When you try to be an all in one device the lack of focus will make the device weak in some areas. Most common combination I’ve seen is sidekick + flip phone. Sidekick is an awesome messaging device but calls are weak. Also they were prone to breaking from drops as low as 3 feet (happened to me! and it feel into my carpeted trunk no less!) so spreading out phone use among 2 phones can increase overall life of your devices.

    It seems like Modu could be the answer to having multiple devices. I was thinking of getting some sort of qwerty and high speed internet device and something fashionable. Maybe even throw in a 3rd phone just for the “daaaaaaymnnn” 3 phone factor. Then I caught Modu on gizmodo and since it comes with 2 jackets and extra jackets costing $100-300 (least thats what word on the street says) then this sounds like its worth waiting for! (Oh and I seriously need a new phone so be glad I’m waiting Modu!)

    Oh and I spend my days as a mild mannered librarian and my weekends as a wild event planner / club promoter. So if the phone delivers what I hope it will and ya’ll need some sort of spokesperson in my neck of the woods give me a crack at the job! lol

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