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Dov Moran, Interviewed in Seoul.

For all our readers who haven’t yet mastered Korean, here’s a translation of an article which was written in Chosun Ilbo the leading national daily newspaper in Korea. They recently met with Dov Moran at a press conference in Seoul for the launch our R&D center in Korea.

These days, young people carry little storage devices called “USB” in their pocket. When the USB first emerged in the market, other storage devices such as Floppy Disks or CD-RW have steadily disappeared from retailers’ shelves. However, many of them do not know the device was invented by an Israeli IT venture company. Dov Moran, the founder of the company, who recently visited Korea, invented the device and sold his company to SanDisk.

During an interview with Chosun Ilbo, Mr. Moran recalled the time when he invented USB. He thought that transferring big files from drive to drive was inefficient, so he ended up inventing the USB. When USB first came into the market, many analysts in Wall Street scoffed at it and stocks of M-Systems dropped by 10%. It later became a cash cow and brought 1 billion US dollars to the company, which he sold off in 2006 to SanDisk at 1.6 billion dollars, and founded a new company, modu, with several co-workers from M-Systems. modu manufactures a modular mobile phone, which is very innovative, and recently opened its R&D center in Korea.

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  1. Dear Friends :

    Kindly forward my information to Dov Moran CEO of Modu Inc

    Thank you very much for your attention


    Alfred Handler

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