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Take a walk through modu’s office space.

A lot of people have been asking me about our office environment. I even posted a few pics a while back when we were just settling in to our newly built wing, so I thought it might be time to give you all a walk through of our office so that you get a feel of what it’s like working here. 

It would be fun to see where you all work, post a link with pictures or a video of your office space in the comments bellow. Constructive comments are always welcome!

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  1. very nice environment. I wouldn’t mind to work there. Just today I read in Financial times about you. I have a deep respect for Sandisk and I found out where it comes from. Unfortunately, we are kinda behind a bit with technology in Russia (open to public) Even in Moscow still no 3G or WiMax, though I really liked this idea about modu. It’s a new idea and for sure it takes time to breakthrough. it’s just my hobby mobile devices. But wouldn’t mind to join your team. Most suitable might be marketing but I have to get an idea what is all about modu. While Apple is making it’s way to our market I think modu will be more successful and helpful in life. Make new connection – is nice statement.

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