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Announcing modu’s Korea Offices

Last week was incredibly busy with the major announcement that modu opened the Korea offices led by Mr. Youngha Lee, formerly CTO of Pantech & Curitel, a cellphone OEM which has sold millions of cell phones worldwide. I’d like to take a second to also introduce modu mobile Korea’s president is Mr. Choon Sik OH, the former COO of Hynix, one of the largest Korean corporations, and a key member of the team who took the company from almost a bankruptcy to a business that generated sales of $10 billion.

Both Mr. Lee and Mr. OH bring vast experience and expertise to the Korean office, and their years in the mobile industry are an enormous asset to modu!

Mr. Lee  had this to say about modu: “It is rare in the mobile phone industry to find a concept that is original, innovative and which represents a break with the status quo. But that is precisely what modu has done, becoming an overnight sensation in the process. There is so much potential around modu’s ecosystem and it is a privilege to be part of that revolution.”

modu mobile Korea will be a hub for the company’s industrial design and mechanical engineering activities, drawing on the large pool of design talent and manufacturing skills on offer in the region.


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