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modu at the Presidential Conference

modu will be presenting at the the first annual Israel Presidential Conference: Facing Tomorrow, which is scheduled to take place between May 13-15. This international convocation will look closely at the trends and developments that are mapping the future.

modu will be one of 60 “enterprises of tomorrow selected from a candidate list of 285 in the areas of environment, medicine, technology, transport, and society. Present and former presidents, prime ministers and senior officials from 27 countries will also take part in the conference.

If you’ll be in attendance at the event and would like to schedule a meeting or to get an up-close look at modu and its ecosystem, let me know in the comments bellow.

Full details are available at the official site : www.presidentconf.org.il/en



3 Responses

  1. Hi ModuGuy,

    I will be at the Conference this Thursday, and would be very interested in getting an up-close look. Be in touch.


  2. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Prez Conference, I still can’t believe how totally random it was to meet you !

  3. […] in Mid-May, I wrote about my attendance at the Presidents Conference that took place in Jerusalem – modu at the Presidential Conference. While at the event, I was interviewed by http://www.themedialine.org demoing modu. Here’s the final […]

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