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5 Questions with Hagit Perry from modu

Hagit Perry, a Product Manager at modu recently spent a few days at Orange Partner Camp which took place in Faro, Portugal on April 14th – 16th. The show attracted 400 attendees from over 30 countries. The event consisted of interactive presentations, workshops, sessions and many more networking opportunities.

 I sat down with Hagit upon her return and asked her to answers 5 questions about her role at modu.


 1.    Hi Hagit, Can you please give the readers a little background info about you?

I was a programmer in a start-up. I joined the army and became an officer and a team leader of a very interesting system. Afterwards, I was a data integration and business intelligence consultant in many corporate. The customers I worked with were all the cellular carriers in Israel, banks, insurance companies and others. Then I joined modu 🙂

2.    Tell us briefly about your position with modu.

As a product manager in modu I manage the marketing requirements both for the hardware and software of modu.

3.    What two websites do you visit frequently and why?

I can’t pick only two…. I’m connected to the internet all the time and visit frequently many different sites. From the mobile and technology field I would pick Engadget and PhoneArena. I visit them frequently since they tend to lead with hot news that are delivered shortly and to the point, so I can be updated quickly without spending time on it.

4.    What has been your biggest professional achievement?

My professional achievements are what lead me to my role at modu. Currently my role as part of the team that is planning modu and the modu ecosystem from the marketing aspect is the biggest professional achievement. There are so many interesting challenges at modu, that I believe I’ll constantly have “biggest professional achievements”.

 5.    What attracted you to working at modu?

I joined at a primary stage of the company when we were only 10 people and the company was about to be established.

When I met Dov and the initial team of the company, we had a conversation on what are the goals we expect for the company. I was amazed on how the goals of the other team members suited my goals and were not only concerned on business or money, but also on very important values, which can be summed to: PEOPLE FIRST, INNOVATION and PASSION. After a short while of being in the team I had the confidence that this excellent team with the platform for the company that Dov created will be able to create a company that will achieve the challenging goals. I was very attracted to the challenges and to working in this team, so when the company was established on February, 2007, I was on board.

I must say that today – one year and a few months later, I see the company and I know my instincts were right 🙂

Great instincts indeed! Thanks for sharing with us!


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