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modu’s VP of Marketing Gives Keynote Presentation

ConfigCon 2008 was held earlier today at the Dan Acadia hotel in Herzeliya, Israel. The program contained keynotes from various executive speakers including Tzahi “Zack” Weisfeld modu’s VP of Marketing. In his keynote entitled: “Lifestyle, Fashion, Sport and Consumer Electronics Brands, New Path into the Mobile World”

Zack gave the audience an overview of modu and how it fits into the Youtube Generation’s demands and expectations of a mobile phone. Zack made an excellent point in comparing current cell phone contracts to that of a car’s where the owner is tied to his contract for 2-3 years. Mobile owners demand the flexibility to change their mobile device as they change any other fashion accessory.

He also quoted Michael Gartenberg who recently visited the modu offices who said “mobile devices are now taking up a piece of the invisible space” much like your watch or wallet which you carry without too much thought. This fits into modu’s small form factor as well as the world’s lightest mobile phone.

Below is a short video of Zack’s presentation at the event.


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  1. I would be glad to partner with the Modu team in bringing this unique product to Nigeria, one of the largest and fastest mobile telecommunication market in the World. Can I get more information on how to move forward on this please?

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