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modu Testimonials – What’s being said?

A lot has been said about modu over the recent weeks, we’ve been reading all the extensive coverage and decided to compile a list of the best testimonials we’ve had thus far.

Michael Gartenberg, a leading analyst from Jupiter Research came to our office few weeks ago and when he left the meeting this is what he wrote:

“The concept is brilliant and actually maps well into some of the research we’ve done in terms of what features consumers want in a mobile device, the importance of telephony as a core feature and just how many devices will consumers carry with them at one time”. “Just spent time with dov moran and the modu team. Potential game changer here”. 
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Engadget – Feb 7, 2008“It’s real  and it’s plenty Fantastic – modu lives” “We were impressed to say the least…”
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BBC – Feb 15, 2008“A modular mobile phone that can add features and change it’s design could spell the end of costly upgrades”
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Financial Times (UK) – Feb 15, 2008“What really makes the Modu concept interesting is the notion that simply by slotting the phone module into a new jacket – for example, a fashion phone jacket, camera phone case or smartphone jacket complete with BlackBerry-style keyboard – it is easily and cheaply transformed”
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