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Getting to know the modu team – Exclusive Interviews!

modu’s main value has always been one of People First,  In the upcoming post we’re going to get to know the people, the team that  makes modu. It can be said that the team here tends to push the technological limits but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  I recently sent modu management 5 questions which I think would most like to be asked.

In the first installment of these interviews we’ll be talking to Jacob Shama Vice President of Value Added Products at modu.

1. Hi Jacob, Thanks for taking time to answer the questions. Can you please give us a little background info about you?

Prior to joining modu I served with the Israel Defense Force, where I attained the rank of Colonel.
My most recent position was the Head of (what is considered to be…) an elite R&D Technological Center, that I managed for over three years. A substantial amount of modu R&D people are from this center.
Most of the positions I held prior to that where R&D management positions in the area of communications.
I hold a BSc and MSc in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University  – prior to my service (“Atoda”), where my thesis was in the field of Electro-optics.

Papers examples:

Y. Shama, E. Marom, and A. A. Hardy, “Analysis of power transfer in non-symmetric directional couplers,” Appl. Opt. 28, 990- (1989)   http://www.opticsinfobase.org/viewmedia.cfm?id=32234&seq=0 

Multimode coupling of unidentical waveguides Shama, Y.; Hardy, A.A.; Marom, E. Lightwave Technology, Journal of Volume 7, Issue 2, Feb 1989 Page(s):420 – 425

2. Tell us briefly about your position with modu. Currently I am Vice President for Value Added Products – VAP group.The VAP group is  responsible for modu “ecosystem” products and alliances,  that consists of all Jackets, Mates and modu Partners (detailed explanations in modu web site ). The group consists 3 sub-groups:
Alliances – Responsible for modu alliances engagement and management (Consumer Electronics, Lifestyle , Entertainment, Content etc.)
Program management – Responsible for modu programs/projects management
Application Engineering – Responsible for the design of jackets and mates.

3. What two websites do you visit frequently and why?

Large variety of sites, mainly for business opportunities and travel information.

4. What has been your biggest professional achievement?

Can’t Tell … 🙂

5. What attracted you to working at modu?

Dov Moran, the vision and the people of modu.

Thanks for sharing your experiance with us Jacob!


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  1. Nice interview.
    I am waiting for more exclusive interviews

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