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modu’s New Office Space – with pics!

As modu’s workforce continues to expand, so does the need for wider office space.

This week the modu team packed up their stuff and moved into the newly renovated wing. The new wing measures slightly more than 6000 square feet with an extra high ceiling to give that open, outdoors feeling. But it doesn’t end there; renovations are underway in our previous office space to bring them up to par with our new addition.
Now all I need to do is brush up on my office feng shui techniques.

Everyone’s still getting settled in so I’ll have to write a follow up post for you to get the full effect but here’s a look at the transition phase.

Just like your typical moving day, expect to do all the heavy lifting on your own

Tal show’s us she’s all smiles no matter what she needs to carry around.

The boy’s take a peek at the new neighborhood…

And give their approval!

Dov Moran visits the new open office space, more pictures to come of his new office once he’s settled in!

Luka gives a quick look at the design team’s office. No I’m not jealous… Ok maybe just a little. 🙂


2 new meeting rooms, Tulip and Iris as well as our eating area.


Finally Settled into my new home, ready to get some work done!

I’d like to see what you’re office space looks like? Post a link to you’re office pics or your work environment. What does your PC setup look like? Where do you do you’re most creative & productive work? Share them in the comments.



4 Responses

  1. Nice like your new office space.

  2. You have a nice office there. Enjoy

  3. Beautiful office space, Oren! Thought I’d check in on the blog, and it looks like you guys have been busy. Congrats on all of the good news floating around the interwebs.


  4. Hi Guys

    I can confirm we’ve been busy 🙂 more like working in hyper-speed. Thanks for your support on the blog. I’m constantly trying to give you all the behind the scenes look at the inner workings of modu…


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