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Creativity that makes a difference

Lunar Design a leader in consumer, technology and medical product design announced today its collaboration with the latest innovator in the mobile phone industry, modu.

Lunar Design’s credentials include designs for leading innovators, such as Apple, SanDisk, Hewlett Packard and Oral B. Lunar along with the modu design team have given shape to the modu vision.

Lunar’s challenge was to create a design that expresses modu’s differences. “The modu is the core component of an ecosystem. Rather than just design a shrunken mobile phone, we wanted to create a memorable and jewel-like symbol for modu,” said John Edson, Lunar Design president. “The phone is crafted from super durable stainless steel, and visually it has what we call ‘thumbnail equity,’ i.e. the simple form and domino dot pattern are still recognizable from a distance.”

Lunar designed some of the first fashionable jackets announced in conjunction with February’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain: a set of music jackets and an entertainment jacket. For these products, Lunar extended the symbol of the modu into products that are designed to appeal to the edgy young and hip market.

You can read more about Lunar and modu in the official PR released today


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