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Say Hello to My Little Friend

modu Closeup

A lot has been said about modu over the past few weeks but I wanted to give you my take on how I see modu’s impact within the mobile industry. 

Portability and functionality are often times compromised, not so with modu. The introduction of a mobile device with a design that’s so unobtrusive, so small and lightweight (40 grams) while remaining a fully featured is very significant.

Significance is Influential. As mobile devices evolve, more and more attention will be given to how they mesh with our everyday activities, rendering them more significant.
This is modu’s advantage, paving the way of convergence, mixing the interaction between work, leisure and personal life.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for linking me to your blog…I’m fascinated with this phone…just Genius…

  2. Thanks for your comment! There’s still a lot planned ahead, come back on here often as I’ll be posting about it first!

  3. Hi….even i am really fascinated by this phone. I am from India and i dont know how long will it take to reach India ( i just hope it does soon) and when it will, i’ll be the first person to buy it. Can you just tell me any other possible way so that i can get hold of this phone. I am mad about modu since it was launched at the mobile world congress. Plz let me know if there’s any, and i mean any, way to get hold of Modu. I love this mobile. And you can add my name to the list of crazy fans of MODU.

  4. Modu mobiles come in India.

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