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What’s being said about modu

I’ve been following the masses of articles and blog posts being written about modu, allow me to share some of them with you.

Drum roll please….

#5 Engadget.com
modu lives! We had opportunity to check out one of Mobile World Congress’ most unique offerings today, and we were impressed to say the least. This handset could completely change the way people use handsets giving them a really simple way to actually use your set for music, in-car, or on the go. Hit up Engadget Mobile for a huge gallery showing off some of what modu can do.

#4 Blog.Wired.com
The handset itself is tiny. Not Zoolander tiny, but it’ll fit into the small, inner jeans pocket (I tried). It also feels pretty solid, although very light . In fact, it’s the lightest cellphone in the world at 40.1g (1.4oz) – the 0.1g is the SIM card.

#3 MSN.Com
The advantage is that you buy one basic phone and several add-ons, which would be cheaper than buying each of those as standalone gadgets. You also get a lot of variety in looks and functionality. Moreover, the jackets are interchangeable, so you can swap with your friends to get even more out of the Modu.

#2 MobileMessaging.Com
One of the more interesting companies at last week’s Mobile World Congress was modu, pitching a teeny-tiny phone module that can be slotted into jackets that provide additional features.

#1 Cnet.Com
Whichever way you look at it, Modu had a massive impact at this year’s Mobile World Congress. We reported on the Modu modular handset days before the event in Barcelona started and when we got there, the activity around Modu’s booth was feverish. 


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